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Our aim at Whickham Villa is to offer high-quality rehabilitation and health care services at our Chase Park facility, residential elderly care at Millfield House, and spa/gym access at our Health Club. At Whickham Villa, we go above and beyond to ensure that everyone who uses our facilities will receive all the help and support that they need. We want everyone to benefit from using the services that we provide as much as possible. The team at Whickham Villa work tirelessly to ensure each and every client undergoes the right treatment and support programme that is needed to support their health conditions and improve their quality of life.


Whickham Villa is a stunning property which has been located in a peaceful area in the city of Newcastle for over 25 years. Our Chase Park Rehabilitation Centre, Millfield House private care homes and Health Club are set within two acres of private, landscaped grounds and two tarmacadam driveways that meet at the front door. We are also within 500m of Whickham Front Street. This area is packed full of sightseeing opportunities and activities, with gorgeous countryside perfect for excursions for our clients. It is also incredibly accessible for visitors and families, being both within the city and less than an hour away from the East coast.

Our Aim

Our Care Team have extremely high standards to ensure we meet the needs of our clients. If our client needs any help or support while under our care, the team will be on hand to make sure the correct care is provided. For our residential clients, we aim to give them the best living standards they need to ensure they are looked after properly while having an enjoyable and independent lifestyle. With our rehabilitation services in Chase Park, we aim to provide our clients with services to help them learn how to live independently again and to be able to relearn the skills needed for everyday life.

At Whickham Villa Health Club we aim to give you the most therapeutic experience while using our spa facilities. At our gym, we also aim for you to achieve your personal best and see outcomes of attending the gym each time you visit. Both the spa and gym can be incredibly helpful in the rehabilitation process.


At Whickham Villa, our ethos is to ensure we are able to provide a progressive rehabilitation service which helps re-introduce our clients back into the community. We aim to do this while offering an all rounded approach to a comfortable and clean environment with both friends, family and our other clients. Our approach to this comfort is built on a range of therapy treatments that our team of specialised therapists will carry out to help you or your loved one to live independently after an accident or disease. We enlist commercial cleaning services to ensure that our Villa is kept in good condition, which we consider essential, especially for clients who are recovering from illness. Therapy is usually arranged prior to the client’s arrival so it can be added to the client’s total package, although private and health service referrals are also welcome at our Chase Park Rehabilitation Centre. We have also recently completed full tarmac resurfacing outside the premises to make sure our car park and grounds are smooth and trip-free.

Treatment and Respect

Our Care Team aim to treat each of our clients with respect and do everything we can to ensure we meet the needs of each and every client that comes through our door. For any extra information or if you have any questions then feel free to Contact Us.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us

Our team offer many services from spa and gym facilities to therapies.

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