Chase Park

Our award-winning Chase Park Rehabilitation Centre is found within the two acres of Whickham Villa’s private, landscaped grounds. The centre itself is located in Newcastle, and the building is 500 metres from Whickham Front Street. Our centre is also less than an hour away from the east coast and is surrounded by gorgeous countryside. At Chase Park, we support people with brain injuries and complicated neurological conditions, as well as more physical injuries and illnesses. As a team, we aim to rehabilitate adults over the age of 18 by offering support to relearn everyday skills as well as provide accommodation to help residents eventually be able to live independently. As well as supporting learning, we also offer nursing care and a place to relax. Chase Park Rehabilitation Centre has become the third Approved Provider Status by the charity Headway, the brain injury association.

Services Offered

Our Care Team at the Chase Park facility can provide residents with access to support for day-to-day tasks, rehabilitation programmes and therapy sessions. We have a selection of 28 single bedrooms and 2 apartments for people aged 18 and over. Our specialist therapists are leaders in the neurorehabilitation field which is widely recognised for its services, exceptional quality and sustainable outcomes. Our therapy team consists of:

Speech therapists


One to one therapists (Occupational Therapists)

Brain developing therapists ( Clinical Neuropsychologists)

Therapy services are usually arranged prior to attending our Chase Park Rehabilitation Centre as part of a new resident’s total package. However, referrals made privately or through your health professional are also welcome. Chase Park also provides therapy services into the community. This allows individuals to progress in their rehabilitation through Chase Park services and into the community on their way towards independent living standards. For any further queries either about the therapy provided or about the Chase Parks Rehabilitation Centre, you can Contact Us by telephone or email.

Staff at Chase Park Rehabilitation Centre

At Chase Park, we have a number of professional staff members and health professional who are ready and willing to help residents at our facility live a better life after their injury, whether it be mental or physical. You will find that our staff members all around the facility are willing to help anyone who needs it. This is because our ethos is about ensuring a ‘step-forward’ rehabilitation service that helps re-introduce clients into the community while offering a holistic approach to well-being and a comfortable social environment for clients and their families.

What to do at Chase Park

We aim to offer clients the chance to take part in a number of social events. These include becoming involved in interacting with other residents living in the care facility. When interacting with other members. we offer many great spaces for our residents to get involved and interact with each other as we believe it is beneficial for their health and we also encourage our residents to use our facilities at the Health Club where residents can meet new people as well as use the gym equipment, participate in classes or even use the spa along with days out of the centre. We even support our residents and clients to attend courses to get training on the necessary skills needed for daily life.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us

Our team offer many services from spa and gym facilities to therapies.

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