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Each of the facilities within Whickham Villa can provide different therapy, rehabilitation or care for individuals in need. Some of our services are put in place for people involved in accidents or who have a long-term illness to help them re-learn everyday skills in order to live independently. However, our Millfield House facility exists to provide care and rehabilitation to elderly individuals.

As well as offering learning and rehabilitation opportunities at our Chase Park facility, we also provide these elderly individuals with nursing and accommodation. We have 28 rooms available and 2 homes for independent living on offer to help our clients get back to everyday living, with the peace of mind that there are Care professionals on hand at all times.


At Millfield House, we offer care services to adults over the age of 65. We have staff on hand in our residential home that will help each of our clients when they need it. Each of our dedicated Care Team is fully qualified and extremely friendly. They will always be happy to help you with any problems you may have.

Whickham Villa’s Millfield House has everything you need ranging from safe accommodation to friendly staff and residents. Our carers can help you with any daily tasks that you struggle to do on your own and will give you one to one specialist help if you require it more than others. Alongside this, we can provide companionship, care and medical attention when needed.

Facilities at Millfield House

Comfort is key to our way of life at Millfield House. Our residential care home services have been ranked as one of the highest in the country due to our ability to cater to such a wide range of needs.

Our care home is for the elderly and people with disabilities. Therefore the typical age of residents spans between 40 and 90 years old. At Millfield House, we have installed various facilities that are designed with specific conditions in mind.

For example, there are several of our residents who are sensitive to light and loud noises. Therefore, we have common rooms and bedrooms fitted with soundproofing, special lighting and motorised blinds and shades to provide safe and comfortable spaces for residents with these requirements. Our friends at Casa Blinds keep us supplied with the latest technologies that help us to keep our residents comfortable.

To learn more about our specialised facilities, please arrange a call back using our contact form.

We also have various entertainment facilities available to all residents and visitors, such as a television room, reading room and the large dining area. If you are interested in joining our community at Millfield House, please complete our contact form.

Care Given at Millfield House

Our staff members treat each of our residents with respect and provide a high quality of care to every individual resident to ensure they all have exactly what they need.

Each of our members of staff has one to one time with all of the residents where they will ask them a number of questions about the care the staff provide. Our Care Team then work together and follow the suggestions made by residents to provide tailored and individualised attention. Each member of staff also has access to all of the residents’ medical files to ensure all appropriate medication is given when required.


Although Whickham Villa’s Millfield House is full of activities to choose from which include socialising and watching television, there are also multiple opportunities for residents to get out and about in the area. Whether the residents and clients need a companion, or whether family members can take them out, their are opportunities for lovely walks throughout Whickham Villa’s two acres of private landscape. The nearby local area is also extremely pleasant and a fine place to spend a summer’s day.

Our residents are also encouraged to exercise as often as possible alongside their rehabilitation programmes, with our residents at Millfield House welcome to take advantage of the gym at our Health Club. Here they can get to meet more new people and stay active which will help to improve their fitness, recovery times and overall health. The residents are also able to enjoy access to our spa facilities, also found at the Health Club, where they can enjoy some relaxation time.

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