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Alongside our therapy, rehabilitation and care facilities at Whickham Villa, we also provide a number of services for our users at our Health Club. These services allow you to have access to both our spa and our gym. At our Health Club, we pride ourselves as being customer friendly and staff, personal trainers and physiotherapists always have a positive attitude. We consider this to be the best way to ensure users of our Health Club benefit as much as possible from the services we provide. By maintaining a positive attitude, we feel that this helps our service users to push themselves and achieve their own personal goals when using our gym facilities.

We also provide rehabilitation services at our spa facility to help people to live a better life after an injury, treatment or disease. We do this by offering therapy sessions including physio to our clients to help them regain physical and mental abilities.

As well as this, we have a part-time in-house medical staff; a doctor is available on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and Glasgow dentists are available on a Tuesday and Thursday. These specialists are also available on call throughout the week, for emergencies only.


At our Whickham Villa Health Club, our members of staff at our gym are always on hand to help you with any problems that you may have with the gym equipment and give you any guidance that you require. We offer many facilities in our gym which include cross trainers, weight lifting equipment, treadmills and many other types of equipment used to maintain a healthy lifestyle and build muscle following an injury or illness. We encourage everyone to get involved in the exercise which is why we allow members and non-members to have access to our gym as well as our residents at Chase Park and our elderly residents at our Millfield House care home.

Health Club Memberships

For access to our Health Club, we can offer many great membership opportunities. Although you do not need to be a member to use our facilities, it may be worth your while to register for a membership if you use our Health Club often. With memberships not only will you save money on using our facilities but you can also get discounts on the fitness classes that we offer. At our fitness classes, you can meet many new people and become involved in a number of activities that you will be able to enjoy. With our memberships, you can also get access to our Spa facilities and massage therapies at discounted prices along with free access to water fitness classes.

It is worth noting that although these memberships are available, there is a waiting list at the current moment in time. We always prioritise our residents, clients and their families in order to provide well-rounded care. If you are a local individual, please inquire in person to find out more about our membership availability.


We have a wide variety of therapy session available within the Spa in our Whickham Villa Health Club. These therapies include massage treatments from our physiotherapists, hot stone massages and skin treatments. At our spa you have the chance to relax and unwind as well as regain your strength. At our Health Club, we have a pool which you will find is located next to the spa.  You can book our pool for private use or join in on our water fitness activities. Remember, if you are a Nu Rest member you are entitled to 10% off! At these classes you will meet new people and not only will you become fitter, but you will have a great time. Our staff members also offer you rehabilitation services such as hydrotherapy to help support your programme of recovery. For further information on our rehabilitation services Contact Us.

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Our team offer many services from spa and gym facilities to therapies.

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