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Health Club Information You Should Know About Before Joining

Health clubs are extremely popular with people ranging from teenagers to pensioners. A health club is a centre based area with facilities such as Gyms and Spas. Due to the popularity of these clubs, you will find one in almost every local area you visit around the world. Our health club in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Whickham Villa,  is one of the most popular clubs as it is opened for anyone over the age of 16. Whickham Villa was set up in 1987 and has 3 separate facilities with a variety of services available. These include rehabilitation services in Chase Park for adults from the age of 18. Another service offered at Whickham Villa is care services in Millfield House which is home to almost 40 elderly people and not to mention, our health club for residents and non-residential visitors. We have listed our services here for you because there is a great rage to choose from.This is because we believe it is important that clients have all the information they need to know before joining health clubs to ensure they get the best assistance they are looking for. Some of the services we offer at our health club in Whickham are:

  • Access to Gym facilities
  • Entry to Spa services
  • Admittance to all events
  • Informed about promotions and latest changes

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Access to Gym Facilities when Joining Health Clubs


When signing up to join our health clubs you are given automatic access to our gym facilities. In our gym, we can offer you great fitness classes where you are guaranteed to have fun and be able to keep fit. With friendly gym members and staff, you will fit right in and make some new friends. We also offer you access to gym equipment to work at your own pace and own speed when in the process of keeping fit or losing weight. For access to these services, you can book a free induction with the reception on any date and at any time that suits you. We offer these services to everyone who intends to use them as we believe it is important that everyone is able to keep fit and do exercise when they want to.

health club spa services with flowers and towels as well as spa equipment for treatments

Health Club Spa Services


If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind then we can guarantee that you will love our spa facilities. At the spa, we offer a swimming pool and access to saunas and even beauty therapy treatments. This is because it is best to treat yourself to some of these treatments when you are feeling stressed or simply just want to relax.


Information about Events and Promotions


Like all health clubs, our main concern is that all users of our services are kept up to date with information about upcoming events. For instance, we always inform all our clients about the latest classes that we are offering with all the required information. We also inform our clients about any promotions we have so our members are able to get discounts on any of our spa services.


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